It’s All Crystal

Crystal Stones is a multichain Dex, NFTs, staking, earn gamings etc on CORE DAO Bridged on BSC backed by solid minerals to serve the purpose of supporting miners of mineral resources in maximizing the use case of our solid minerals both in research and discoveries then bringing infrastructure to the Blockchain space with our natural resources as the world evolves. Already listed on CoinMarketCap, Audited by, whitelisted and KYCed by Icecreamswap.

CRYSTAL STONES is on two chains presently: CORE Chain and BSC (Binance Chain) traded on Pancakeswap and Icecreamswap.

CRYSTAL STONES Contract address on BSC: 0xe252FCb1Aa2E0876E9B5f3eD1e15B9b4d11A0b00

CRYSTAL STONES Contract address on CORE Chain: 0x005133502d02ddde90d5f5283e4af0f33a4a4db2


A document released by this project to give you technical information about its concept, and a roadmap for how it plans to grow and succeed.


✅Total supply: 150,000,000

On CORE Chain

135,000,000 supply on BSC, all locked on icecreamswap bridge.

Tax: For fast transactions

✅Buy Tax: 4%

✅Sell Tax: 6%

✅Circulating supply: 90%

✅Initial Burn: 10%

✅Liquidity: 40%

✅Dev Team: 7%

✅Marketing: 15%

✅Staking reward: 18%

✅Community Airdrop: 10%


Phase 1

·       Setting up social media presence
·       Developing the crystal Stone website
·       Mapping a marketing strategy
·       Launch of Crystal Stones token
·       Hitting 1000 Holders

Phase 2

·       To be  Whitelisted on Icecreamswap
·        Listing on other Dex
·        Building strategic relationships through frequent AMA
·        Airdrop campaign
·        Initial Burn Mechanism
·        Business Registration

Phase 3

·       Initial Cex listing
·        kick-starting the development of CrystalStones dex
·        Strategic Partnership  with local and foreign based mineral and energy enterprise
·        Release of Crystal Stones Launchpad
·        Hitting 10000 holders of CrystalStones token
·        Charity outreach

Phase 4

·       50,000 holders of Crystal Stones token
·       Development of the Crystal Stones exchange
·       Building the Crystal Stones Blockchian and it’s ecosystem
·       Incoming!!!

Our Vision

We have had a lot of discoveries of these minerals in our world, the challenges has been on how to maximize its use case to its full potentials, in other cases is lack of funding and proper attention or man power…

It is the aim of Crystal Stone  to fix the issues surrounding  global mining with the help of Block chain in the following ways

Our Mission

Crystal Stones is here to eliminate corruption and enhance transparency.

°Crystal Stone is here to offer real economic and social value adding a new dimension for financial institution to easily adapt blockchian, securely extend business processes and application while at the same time reduce operation cost.

How to Buy Crystal Stones

Download Metamask Wallet on Google Play store or App store
Go to your “Browser” in your Metamask
Copy and paste this URL on your browser
You will see Metamask, connect your wallet and you are good to go (set slippage 4%)
Buy with Crystal Stones CA