It’s All Crystals

Crystal Stones


Crystal stones is a gem coin developed and deployed on CoreDAO and the same time on BSC Block chain to serve the purpose of supporting miners of mineral resources in maximizing the use case of our solid minerals both in research and discoveries then bringing infrastructure to the Blockchain space with our natural resources as the world evolutionarize, Bitcoin was the genesis and many came and now Crystal Stones.

Crystal Stone project is a benchmark for the application of Blockchain technology in physical assets that integrates Block chain with our natural resources.

Project Mission

Mineral resources generally refers to all naturally rock resources buried in the ground or distributed on the surface.

We have had a lot of discoveries of these minerals in our world, the challenges has been on how to maximize its use case to its full potentials, in other cases is lack of funding and proper attention or man power…

It is the aim of Crystal Stone  to fix the issues surrounding  global mining with the help of Block chain in the following ways

°Crystal Stone is committed to pioneer digital asset securitization In Africa.

 One of the major challenges facing the mining industry in Africa is corruption. Corruption has been a major hindrance to the growth of the mining industry, as it leads to loss of revenue and resources. However, with the implementation of blockchain technology, corruption can be eliminated. Crystal Stone is here to bring a technology that provides a transparent and immutable ledger that can be accessed by all stakeholders, making it difficult for corrupt practices to take place.

Another challenge facing the mining industry in Africa is the lack of transparency.

Crystal Stones is here to eliminate corruption and enhance transparency.

°Crystal Stone is here to offer real economic and social value adding a new dimension for financial institution to easily adapt blockchian, securely extend business processes and application while at the same time reduce operation cost.

Mineral resources being  the basic pillar of national economic production and construction, Crystal Stones is here to launch a new type of pass through economic model of blockchian and money resources, based on deep cooperation and research with legally held mineral/ energy and mining qualification enterprise. We are here to create new wealth in private sector by harnessing Crystal Stones